District Attorney's Office

Project Role

The Harris County District Attorney's Office (HCDAO) has been working on the project since its inception and has been providing valuable input on prosecutorial processes. The HCDAO plays a crucial role in holding offenders accountable for sexual assault crimes. A study published in 2010 showed that the HCDAO is the "busiest" prosecutor's office in the United States, with more filings per prosecutor than any other large prosecutor's office. This is important context that must be considered when implementing reforms and new initiatives.

Members of the HCDAO are collaborating closely with project stakeholders to ensure that CODIS hits are properly acted upon and older cases receive new investigative attention after sexual assault kit testing. This partner is also working with the research team to track important data that will aid in understanding project outcomes. During the project period, the HCDAO has upgraded information management systems to ensure that information about CODIS hits are quickly communicated to the individuals who need this information.

Contact Information

Jane Waters
Chief of the Special Victims Bureau
Harris County District Attorney's Office